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HET_LAB is a proposal from Brigitta van Weeren and Jelle Sapulete for the public space of the Sciencepark Amsterdam.
The Sciencepark is a research and knowledge cluster, the faculty science (university of Amsterdam) is situated at the
Sciencepark together with different scientific companies.

The proposal exists of a plan for a temporary labyrinth showing the outlines of a planned building. The labyrinth hereby
makes the beautiful location accessible while it is waiting for the upcoming building. A large part of the area is overtaken
by reed. On the municipality side, we will create a trail in the high reed that is already present at the location.
On the university side, above the water on the map, we will use new vegetation to create the labyrinth: the jerusalem
artichoke that will grow up to 2 meters high.

The two pieces of land will be connected by a bridge over the water. The bridge is a passage but also a meeting point
where you can sit, chat and have lunch.

HET_LAB shows the qualities of the Sciencepark public space while being in transformation.

For the complete pdf: Click here

Commissioned by Kunstenaars&Co and Projectbureau Zuidoostlob, 2010