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How can we move ?

Where is the centre of the world located and who decides this? Every individual is an always moving centre of his own perception.
The Paraplufabrieken functioned during this project as centre to think about the theme mobility. This resulted in a panoramic map
drawn directly on the walls of the exhibition space. Based on a list of words set up by urban mobility specialists, we collected images
from all over the world. Visitors were challenged to provide us with their own photographic material. Each project day, pictures, directly
taken in the field, were sent to the exhibition space by internet. The images were add to the gigantic map by projections and drawings
on the walls.

In collaboration with Siri Driessen, Roos van Haaften and
 Eva Olthof.

Site-specific installation.
drawings with pencil and charcoal / computer prints / wooden workspace / computer / projectors / flat screen

Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen