june_2018 Archiprix NL nomination and exhibition
My graduation project ‘Dutzendteich’ is nominated for the Archiprix NL 2018 among 25 other graduation projects.
They will be on view on the 2nd and the 3rd of June in de Wagenmakerij in Tilburg. More info here


okt_2017 Graduation Landscape Architecture
Recently I graduated as a landscape architect at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.
My graduation project ‘Dutzendteich; difficult heritage as new public park spaces’ deals with the troublesome nazi-past of
Dutzendteich, a recreational area in Nuremberg, Germany. The proposal is not to erase this history but to transform it,
so that these areas become new public park spaces, while they keep on telling the stories of the site.
For more information about the project click here

The ‘Grosse Strasse’ as a new central waterway in the park

apr_2013 | Landscape architecture
Start of a new job! from now on I will be working as a landscape designer at LOLA landscape architects in Rotterdam

aug_2012 | Academy of Architecture Amsterdam
After attending the pre-course urbanism & landscape architecture this year at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture,
I will start the master program Landscape Architecture at the Amsterdam Academy upcoming September.

jan_2012 | Ladekastproject Gallery Phoebus
I will show the photowork La Palma II in the big cabinet at Gallery Phoebus in Rotterdam. From January until April 2012.
Opening: Sunday January 22th, 3 pm - 5 pm. Eendrachtsweg 61, Rotterdam.

okt_2011 | Showcase CBK Rotterdam
From October 8 till November 9 I will show a new installation in the large glass display at the CBK Rotterdam.
Click here to see more

sept_2011 | StevenshofjesDIJK Leiden
A green dike, formed by 15 covered cars of local residents, appeared at the edge of the district Stevenshof in the city of
Leiden. Stevenshof is a car dense district. It is built in a former polder landscape and is still facing the polder at one side.
The work refers to the history of the area but also links to the new plans for a highway in the polder next to Stevenshof.
The dike appeared September 25th, 2011.

Commissioned by Wijken voor Kunst Leiden
See more of the project here

photo by Jan Theun van Rees

may_2011 | Bergtopwerk, Amersfoort
Moving mountains together with Roos van Haaften

apr_2011 | Walk Up Look Down - Critical Themes conference New York
Siri Driessen, Brigitta van Weeren and Roos van Haaften will present their most recent project at the Critical Themes in
Media Studies conference at the New School University in New York on April 16th. Walk Up Look Down is a folded map
with a text by Siri Driessen and images by Roos van Haaften and Brigitta van Weeren.
See the project here

mrt_2011 | Roodgloeiend, Apeldoorn

foto’s: Edwin Muller

Op 10 maart 2011 werd het lichtkunstwerk Roodgloeiend van Brigitta van Weeren onthuld. Ter ere van het honderdjarig
jubileum van Centraal Beheer in 2009 maakte zij dit ontwerp voor de grote telefoon in Apeldoorn. Het is een toevoeging aan
de grootste telefoon ter wereld die in 1989 is gemaakt door medewerkers van het bedrijf.

mrt_2011 | Onthulling Roodgloeiend - 10 maart
Burgemeester van Apeldoorn, Fred de Graaf onthuld het kunstwerk door ‘Even Apeldoorn te bellen’

dec_2010 | Published work in catalogue Centrum Beeldende Kunst Gelderland and I made some illustrations and images
for Hans Venhuizen’s book Game Urbanism

nov_2010 | New work online: FILL IN FILL OUT (see work/projects)

nov_2010 | Work trip and exchange project Shouf Art Vice Versa in the city of Fès, Maroc

jun_2010 | Proposal public space Sciencepark Amsterdam: Het_Lab i.c.w. Jelle Sapulete

jan_2010 | Roodgloeiend telephone re-design, Centraal Beheer Achmea Apeldoorn

Persbericht: Roodgloeiende telefoon winnende ontwerp in kunstwedstrijd